About Us

Gliders Charters and Tours is a transportation service with a customer focus. The management is friendly and compassionate and has a passion for excellence which permeates into every aspect of the business.

The company believes in family, not just biologically related family members, but the loyal and competent employees as well. After owning and operating several businesses spanning a 20-year period, the company knows that success and goodwill is obtained through the dedication, hard work and loyalty of those working in the interest of the company and the customers, the employees. And to be benefactors of these qualities, you need to extend the same respect, trust and loyalty that you extend to a regular family member. Gliders Charters and Tours is extremely fortunate because the extended family, the employees, share the same customer focus, friendliness and passion for excellence.

So if you are fortunate enough to enjoy the company's unyielding willingness to make you happy and keep you as a special customer, that's not an accident. It's intentional and management works hard at!